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Renewable green energy and the jobs it creates are critical to our environmental and lifestyle future.

Many experts are concerned about our future oil and gas supply. Fully utilizing our daily garbage can substantially reduce current and future energy shortages. We have reviewed different technologies to meet our goal of cleaner air, water, soil and energy.

Waste to Energy Recycle System

We judged all the new technology options on three basic criteria:

  1. Is it simple enough to deploy in a broad number of applications?
  2. Can it help solve important environmental issues?
  3. Does it have economic viability?

We selected the new Next Gen™ system for its flexibility of feedstocks, ease of construction, clean emissions and ease of operation. This system can help eliminate landfills while providing green energy. It has also been vetted by multiple engineering firms and insurance firms.

The system creates clean gas which is equivalent to natural gas. The Next Gen™ system is unique in its ability to cleanly gasify multiple feedstocks.

The system can use any carbon based feedstock, such as tires, e-waste, or municipal solid waste. Small system modules can be used in building complexes and the large system modules may be combined to meet the requirements of large cities.

Green Energy Enterprises, LLC (GEE) is a Midwest company based in Kentucky with offices in Newport, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. The partners formed the company to find new technologies to improve our planet through the sustainability of our natural resources.

GEE is driven to deliver high value technologies to help solve the global issues of climate change, landfill elimination, greenhouse gas reduction, increased renewable green energy production and recycling of key materials.

Our team has experience in deploying new technologies and executing new capital projects. This includes new technologies in the renewables and defense markets. Our vision is to provide maximum opportunities for all to participate in a green renewal. This will impact our future and green jobs will impact our present. We can help users with equipment, siting, sizing, permitting, grid connection, etc.

Green jobs for a brighter future!
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