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There are a number of options for creating renewable energy from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). We believe the outside vetting has proven ours to be by far the best.

Waste to Energy Solutions
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The Next Gen™ system is a low temperature, low pressure pyrolysis/gasifier. The patented system produces clean gas (equivalent to natural gas) which can be directly injected into gas turbines for the highest efficiency thermal conversion. Our system is has been approved by several turbine manufacturers for direct injection of our gas.

  • We offer the only system we have found with a Performance Guarantee.
  • Gasifiers can convert all forms of carbon waste into energy: tires, e-waste, rubber, plastics, MSW, biomass, auto shredder residue, wood, sludge, etc.
  • End product flexibility - power generation, liquid transportation fuels (bio-diesel, aviation fuel, gas), liquid natural gas (LNG), hydrogen, alcohol, and carbon products.
  • Virtually all waste is converted to energy or carbon char. Eliminates 90% of waste.
  • Very low emissions - emissions from turbines/engines burning our gas are comparable to turbines using natural gas. This system meets California emission standards. Methane emissions from landfills are 23X worse for the atmosphere than CO2 emissions.
  • Low pressure - no need for high pressure vessels. Keeps manufacturing costs low and provides greater system safety.
  • Waste to Energy Solutions
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  • Modular construction - System is delivered on skid mounted modules that maintain high quality levels and shortens construction and start-up time.
  • Four available models from 300KW to 12MW with MSW. Higher MW output can be achieved with other feedstocks such as wood, plastic or tires.
  • System vetted by international engineering firm, Performance Insurance provider, financing group and turbine manufacturer.
  • No tar residue. Patented internal tar cracking reactors breakdown tars and oils and use them to produce more fuel and eliminate historic maintenance issues.
  • Units may be combined for very large applications.
  • Generates the most MW per ton with the combined cycle system.
  • System can store energy for emergency or start up fuel.
  • System multi-step scrubbing regimen produces clean engine exhaust.

The following emission levels were certified at the first commercial plant in Germany:

Emission Type Standard Units
Particulates < 20 ppm
SO2 < 35 ppm
Organics < 10 ppm
Chlorides < 20 ppm
Mercury < 0.03 ppm
Cadmium < 0.05 ppm
Dioxins/Furans < 0.00001 ppb

GEE can help with siting, sizing, system engineering, permitting, and financing.

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