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Moving 20% of US landfill waste to Next Gen™ energy production can eliminate the annual import of 121,000,000 barrels of oil.
Waste to Energy Solutions
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The new Next Gen™ pyrolysis/gasifier provides a cost effective system that can help military bases, rural communities, towns, cities, universities, building complexes, muni-powerplants, etc. meet their goals of clean renewable energy.

Facilities can move from coal/gas/oil to a sustainable feedstock such as garbage or tires. Also, they can avoid the cost upgrades of EPA compliance requirements.

Large cities can deploy multiple units around the city to reduce truck hauling emissions and fuel costs. Coastal communities that require trucking waste inland away from sandy soils can reduce their shipping requirements while producing green energy.

Users have the option of a variety of feedstocks: municipal solid waste (MSW), tires, e-waste, sludge, biomass, plastic, wood, and auto shredder residue.

Waste to Energy Solutions
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Units have a very small footprint and very low emissions which allows them to easily replace old systems housed in close quarters.

Other locations that may need renewable energy include manufacturing firms, ports, landfill operators, high value security areas. The flexibility of feedstocks and 24/7 operation provide users excellent options. There is no requirement for battery storage or complex grid issues.

We developed economic examples to compare various standard/traditional feedstocks to Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) a.k.a. shredded and sorted garbage. The savings will vary by region.

Compared to oil, natural gas, coal and wood, RDF provides potential annual fuel cost savings for 2.5 megawatts (MW) of power as follows:

  1. Oil - $6,060,000
  2. NG - $1,325,000
  3. Coal - $714,000
  4. Wood - $280,000

These examples are based on oil - $3.00 per gallon; NG - $5.00/MMBTU; coal - $80.00 per ton and wood - $25.00 per ton.

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